Google-like search

for Dark Web

Investigate online and physical security threats to your business on the Dark Web and Deep Web

Visibility and insights from social, deep and dark web.

Thred empowers corporations with the ability to gather and analyze online big data to help make smart risk and security management decisions. Our versatile software provides visibility and insights to quickly uncover potential security, brand, and physical threats across the Internet. Search the Dark Web, Deep Web and Social.

Make Smart Data Driven Decisions
Machine learning-driven results and analysis tailored to your direct business needs in a matter of minutes or seconds.
Respond with Speed
Gain visibility beyond your current online peripheral view to identify risks and respond with speed to protect your most important assets.
Protect the Bottom Line
Minimize the spend on utilizing multiple tools and finding costly risks to your organization by using our robust solution.

Robust features that make your job easier

Comprehensive Data
Gather large amounts of data from social, deep and dark web sources and expand your line of sight on online risks.
Data Visualization
Visualize your data in minutes or seconds. Our analytics and data visualizations allow you to quickly understand key trends and sentiment within the gathered data in minutes or seconds.
Customizable Search Results
From surface, social and deep web channels, gather data and refine it to get timely information that meets your specific business needs. You’re in control of getting the insights and results you want.
Ease of Use
Our user focused interface is straightforward and easily guides queries across multiple social and online channels. You spend time getting data insights not spending time on set-up.
Save and Share
Save your searches and store your data with unlimited future access and retrieval. Share your findings through reports and file exports with just a few clicks to other team members.
Custom Alerts
Be updated on important data that is relevant to you wherever you are. Have automatic updates sent directly to you on a schedule you define.

Make data-driven security and business decisions, today