6 Surprising Cleaning Tricks That Won’t Eat Up Your Entire Saturday

Regular upkeep is manageable enough, but deep-cleaning those nooks and crannies is another story. But before you call in the pros, listen up: Tidying maven and author of Clean My Space Melissa Maker shares her hacks for the more intimidating jobs, and we promise, none of these will ruin your weekend.



Use a dry toothbrush (maybe that extra one from the dentist) to loosen up surface dirt and then vacuum with a brush attachment. Once clean, give the sills a quick wet swipe to finish. If you attempt to wipe it first, you’ll just make the dirt denser with the water. Rookie mistake solved.



Lay a towel flat under the radiator and take a long-handled vent cleaning brush (the ones that look like giant mascara wands) to poke each section of the radiator. Pump the wand in and out several times to get all the gunk. Clean up? Easy. The dust falls into the towel.



That lint roller isn’t only for your black sweaters. Remove the lampshade and go to town with that roller.



For stubborn fuzz you can’t seem to get rid of, wet the rubber tip of a squeegee and run it across your carpet, rugs or upholstery. Fur will clump right up and you can remove it easily with a paper towel.



Dip a cotton cloth in white vinegar (really let it soak up the vinegar), place it on the faucet overnight and in the morning you can brush away stains with a toothbrush (thanks again, Dr. Hoffman). Rinse and buff for a shiny finish.



Those rings are less scary than they look, honest. Use a sturdy pumice stone and gently rub around the stained area and lift away with minimal effort. Then proceed to clean your toilet as usual. Now it’s time for the rest of Saturday’s activities, none of them cleaning-related.

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