13 Mar: Is OpenBazaar a Dark Web market?

OpenBazaar is a network for trading and transacting online that might be confused for a Dark Web marketplace. While OpenBazaar does share some similarities with Darknet markets, there are key differences that set it apart. Where both are concerned, security professionals ought to be paying attention. OpenBazaar blends the secrecy of Silk Road with the mainstream appeal of Ebay. It is much easier to use, both for sellers and store operators. Street drugs, counterfeit and stolen goods can all be sold on OpenBazaar and given the way OpenBazaar works, it is likely that they will be difficult to find unless you know where to look.


28 Feb: Who Uses the Dark Web?

When most people think about the Dark Web, they conjure up a specific image. You know the one. The faceless hacker in the dark room in front of a keyboard. 

The reality, however, is infinitely more complex. Some of what happens on the Dark Web is downright mundane. Just your run-of-the-mill privacy conscious folks looking to communicate securely on the Internet. On the other hand, some Dark Web users are hackers up to no good, accessing networks and obtaining confidential information for fun or profit. At its most extreme, you have malicious actors using the Dark Web to perpetrate crimes that impact the safety and well-being of public and private organizations and individuals in the real world.


31 Jul: Why campus safety must include real-time crisis response

Based on current media coverage, when you say “campus safety measures” people automatically assume you are only talking about gun control. And while it is a concerning issue, some research actually says that campuses are safer now than they ever have been.

There are many things that make schools safe: attentive staff and educators, students who care about each other, campuses that are both accessible but secure, and communities who are also invested in the safety of the campuses and students. This can seem overwhelming but there are ways to integrate this multi-layered approach to campus safety. All stakeholders should be involved whenever possible and provide input to improve current safety measures as well as identify where there may be gaps as it relates to emergency management. Reaching out to different groups for their top concerns and potential solutions builds a better framework for overall safety.


12 Jan: Managing Risk: An Intelligence-Led Framework

Today’s online reality and fast-paced business environment drives the need to take an intelligence-led approach when mitigating and managing risk across an organization. As the risk and security landscape continues to broaden, teams must shift from being reactive to being pro-active; collaborating across business units to identify requirements, collecting information from internal and external sources, and analyzing results.

Leveraging the insights gained from an intelligence-led strategy, allows risk and security professionals to be better equipped to mitigate and manage risk across their organization.  Toni Chrabot, CEO Risk Confidence Group LLC and former FBI field executive, explains how this works.


25 Oct: Three Lessons Learned from the Las Vegas Massacre

During the worst shooting in modern US history, my unit was called shortly after the first shots were fired. We’ve been called numerous times to work with local authorities to help gather online evidence and information during an emergent event. Each tragedy is different and we must learn from these events to better prepare for a similar attack. Here are a few lessons learned from the Las Vegas massacre as it relates to utilizing online data within an information collection process.