Threat Intelligence


25 Mar: A Business Case for Executive Protection

Executive protection is important for many industries, whether VIPs are traveling to foreign locations or to protect them from threats closer to home. In the past, protection services involved safeguarding primarily the physical safety of VIPs and their families. Now, in a connected world, investigating and assessing risk in their digital lives is as crucial. People inadvertently open themselves up to risks online, and threats to VIPs are often delivered first on social platforms. It is up to the intelligence-led protection team to identify these risks first and be able to anticipate danger to avoid crises.


11 Mar: The Internet: 30 years of moral ambiguity

The Internet turns 30 this week. At Thred, we believe the Internet, like all technology, is neutral. It has no personality, no identity, no value, beyond that which we endow it. Like Schrodinger’s cat, it is neither one thing or another, or it is both, until we open the box. The Internet is a reflection of our diverse society, where some will do harm and most will not. With this in mind, we are taking a look back at other neutral technologies and mediums that would not exist without the World Wide Web.


12 Feb: Digital Risk Investigation Techniques for Safe Schools Week

The Challenge: A top American University is a home to over 28,000 students and 1,500 staff members. Its campus expands to 960 acres with 285 buildings, 13 of which are student residences. Having visibility and awareness of campus events and activities is critical to the protection for all. The university also recognized how essential it is to have clarity and insights on social media platforms for the increased security and safety of its campus and student body.

The Solution: The University understood the need to have a digital risk investigation tool which enabled them to apply advanced algorithms to large volumes of unstructured data. As a result, they reached out to thred to help them gain access to online insights. thred equipped the University with the insights for the security and risk management needs and team.


12 Feb: 5 Tips on How to Select a Threat Intelligence Vendor

Your company most likely has IT security tools used to plug into the network infrastructure. But that often doesn’t tell security analysts any information about the source of the attack or who it is that has indirect access. Most importantly, the tools don’t provide the data and insights you need to a proactive threat intelligence strategy. You need a provider that can provide a healthy balance between a high volume of cyber threat intelligence and targeted threat intelligence.

Dark Web Risk Detection

04 Oct: Use the Dark Web For Business Risk Detection

The dark web is the new Wild West and, much like pioneers who pushed the boundaries along the American frontier, settlers of the dark web object to limitations and obstacles upon their freedom. The road must be open.

Even though the dark web has been around for a while, it has recently piqued the attention of mainstream web users and businesses alike. “This is driven by a few things,” explains Tyler Logtenberg, Senior Product Manager at thred. “Modern television depicts the dark web as ‘mysterious’. And hacker groups like ‘Anonymous’ have become a ‘hip’ part of youth culture. Also, some high-profile breaches, threats, and investigations have originated on the dark web.”


31 Jul: Why campus safety must include real-time crisis response

Based on current media coverage, when you say “campus safety measures” people automatically assume you are only talking about gun control. And while it is a concerning issue, some research actually says that campuses are safer now than they ever have been.

There are many things that make schools safe: attentive staff and educators, students who care about each other, campuses that are both accessible but secure, and communities who are also invested in the safety of the campuses and students. This can seem overwhelming but there are ways to integrate this multi-layered approach to campus safety. All stakeholders should be involved whenever possible and provide input to improve current safety measures as well as identify where there may be gaps as it relates to emergency management. Reaching out to different groups for their top concerns and potential solutions builds a better framework for overall safety.


25 Oct: Three Lessons Learned from the Las Vegas Massacre

During the worst shooting in modern US history, my unit was called shortly after the first shots were fired. We’ve been called numerous times to work with local authorities to help gather online evidence and information during an emergent event. Each tragedy is different and we must learn from these events to better prepare for a similar attack. Here are a few lessons learned from the Las Vegas massacre as it relates to utilizing online data within an information collection process.