The thred Platform

Gain visibility and discover data insights that matter.

Mitigate and manage potential security, brand, and physical risks that are outside your corporation’s online peripheral view.

Corporations depend on thred to mitigate and manage security and operational risks that impact their assets, people, and operations every day. By leveraging the full-power of thred, you’ll be able to gather and analyze alternative data across online, social and deep web channels to make smart security and risk management decisions.

thred is ideal for security operations, corporate security, and risk intelligence teams in need of a cutting-edge technology that will help increase online visibility, improve speed and agility, and complement existing security and business platforms.

Logical workflow integration

Our user interface is straightforward and easily guides your queries across multiple social and online channels. With powerful search and filter capabilities, you will be able to define and drill down into the data to get discrete results of interest.

Instant and broad visibility from large data coverage

Our solution gathers data across online, social, and deep web all into one spot. It’s cloud-based which means no hardware or software installation so you can access your data anywhere you are.

Automated data visualizations

Machine learning and natural language processing power meaningful visual summaries, mapping, and analytics to help provide you with insights from either streamed or historical data.  

Dependable and shareable data

Save and store data searches with unlimited future access and retrieval. Your information will be safe, accessible and private. Plus, you will have the ability to export searches into reports and share findings amongst other team members to keep everyone in the know.

Get even more with the thred platform.


Our technology can translate posts from 58 different languages, which means you’re not limited in understanding potential risks.

Topic Modeling

Our machine learning technology mines content to identify topics that occur in the collection of the data and presents those topics back to you for greater insights.

Social, Deep & Dark Data Sources

Gather from a large and growing variety of social, deep and dark web data sources to immediately expand your line of sight to online risks.

User Defined Alerts

Set schedules for automatic updates to be sent directly to your desktop or mobile device.

Sentiment Analysis

Our natural language processing technology groups and tags important pieces of data and presents the sentiment trends and insights back to you.

Stackable Filters

Combine multiple filters to your search criteria and drill down to get discrete data results suitable to your business needs.

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